Tories keep hold of Medway Council

Ballot box. Picture: Mohamed Hassan / Pxhere.
Ballot box. Picture: Mohamed Hassan / Pxhere.

The results of yesterday’s local elections are in, and the Conservative party have kept control of Medway Council.

Polling closed at 10pm last night, and counting took place until the early hours, at Medway Park in Gillingham.

Those elected to the Ward seats are as follows:

  • Chatham Central: Vince Maple (Lab), Harinder Mahil (Lab) and Sijuwade Adeoye (Lab)
  • Cuxton and Halling: Matt Fearn (Con)
  • Gillingham North: Andy Stamp (Lab), Pat Cooper (Lab) and Adam Price (Lab)
  • Gillingham South: Naushabah Khan (Lab), Clive Johnson (Lab) and Rory McDonald (Lab)
  • Hempstead and Wigmore: Diane Chambers (Con) and Rod Chambers (Con)
  • Lordswood and Capstone: Alan Jarrett (Con) and David Wildey (Con)
  • Luton and Wayfield: Tristan Osborne (Lab), Joanne Howcroft-Scott (Lab) and Simon Curry (Lab)
  • Peninsula: Ronald Sands (Ind), Philip Filmer (Con) and Michael Pendergast (Ind)
  • Princes Park: Tanshi Bhutia (Con) and Gloria Opara (Con)
  • Rainham Central: Nusrat Ahmed (Con), Janice Aldous (Con) and Barry Kemp (Con)
  • Rainham North: Kirstine Carr (Con) and Martin Potter (Con)
  • Rainham South: Roger Barrett (Con), Howard Doe (Con) and Gary Hackwell (Con)
  • River: Piers Thompson (Con) and Habib Tejan (Con)
  • Rochester East: Nick Bowler (Lab) and Teresa Murray (Lab)
  • Rochester South and Horsted: Trevor Clarke (Con), Sylvia Griffin (Con) and Rupert Turpin (Con)
  • Rochester West: Alex Paterson (Lab) and Stuart Tranter (Con)
  • Strood North: Elizabeth Chitty (Con), Stephen Hubbard (Lab) and Stephen Iles (Con)
  • Strood Rural: John Williams (Con), Gary Etheridge (Con) and Elizabeth Turpin (Con)
  • Strood South: Josephine Iles (Con), Christopher Buckwell (Con) and Richard Thorne (Con)
  • Twydall: Hazel Browne-Williams (Lab), John Lloyd (Lab) and Mark Prenter (Lab)
  • Walderslade: David Brake (Con) and Adrian Gulvin (Con)
  • Watling: Wendy Purdy (Con) and Chrissy Stamp (Lab)