Medway goes to the polls

Ballot box. Picture: Mohamed Hassan / Pxhere.
Ballot box. Picture: Mohamed Hassan / Pxhere.

It’s local election day here in the Medway Towns.

Voters will today have the chance to elect 55 local councils that will represent them, as well as parish councillors.

Polling stations will be open until 10pm tonight.

Details of your polling station are available on your polling card, but if you have misplaced it, you can check here. You do not need your polling card or ID to vote.

If you have a postal vote which you have not yet sent off, you have until 10pm to take it to your polling station.

If an emergency happens today, and you are unable to vote in person, you must contact the Council by 5pm on 01634 332030, in order to appoint an emergency proxy.