Doc Yard’s Secret Lab returns!

Get your vocal chords warmed up and ready because this year’s Secret Lab is all about sound!

Doc Yard’s Secret Lab has been running at The Historic Dockyard Chatham for the past 5 years and was developed to stimulate family learning for Science, Technology and Engineering – all things the Royal Dockyard at Chatham was renowned for during its operational period.

This year, Doc Yard has set off on a nuclear submarine and left Bunsen with several experiments that explore the use of sound to complete. Bunsen will need the help of visitors to the Dockyard to complete the experiments. You’ll get to see some of Doc’s favourite sound experiments with a demonstration by Bunsen in an interactive 20-minute experience!

During their time in the Lab, visitors will learn how the Royal Navy built ships like HMS Cavalier and HM Submarine Ocelot. You can even go on board these Ships afterwards to see the scale of the challenges put into context.

Easter Activities at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham
Easter Activities at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

Secret Lab will be taking place in the No. 1 Smithery from 6th to 20th April. There will be 15 experiments to participate in during the Easter Holidays, and families will also be able to pick up the special Easter trail that will see young explorers hunt for the sounds of the Dockyard.

All this Easter fun is included with the cost of entry to the Dockyard, and tickets are all valid for 12 months, allowing visitors to enjoy the site and their various family activities for a whole year.

Sessions are from 10:30-5pm and must be booked on arrival. Activity details can be found at www.thedockyard.co.uk